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Don’t get so caught up daydreaming about skiing that you neglect to think about the rest of your vacation!

You’re planning a ski vacation and all you can think about is hitting those slopes! We don’t blame you!  There are plenty of hours to fill every day and aspects of your vacation, so you’ll have a better time if you think about everything. Here are 7 tips to improve your ski vacation to Mont-Tremblant overall:

Don’t Plan to Ski the Whole Time

Sure, you’re going on a ski vacation, and you want to get in lots of time on the slopes. But keep in mind that you and your family won’t want to spend every waking moment on them! So remember to plan some time for other activities. Consider other fun adventures Mont-Tremblant offers to fill your time, such as dog sledding, skating, snowshoeing, and sleigh rides! For those moments when you’d rather do indoor activities, have fun and visit the restaurants, nightlife, apres ski, bars, and shopping venues around the mountain village.

Try Other Winter Sports While Visiting

mont tremblant snowshoeing

While you’re at Mont-Tremblant, why not take some of your time to try something new?

We know, we know, you’re coming for the skiing, but you’ll have plenty of time for that! You and your family can bond and create wonderful memories by engaging in ice climbing on a Mont-Tremblant cliff face, snowmobiling across the wintry terrain, snowshoeing to see gorgeous natural views and tubing down a slope. If you can’t stay off the skis, think about cross-country skiing across our many trails.

Plan Some Relaxation Time!

You’ll have lots of fun skiing and exploring other outdoor activities at Mont Tremblant, but you’re sure to want some downtime during your vacation – most likely, your aching body will need it after so much exercise! Schedule in some relaxation time where you enjoy a soothing massage to let go of the day and ease your muscles from skiing. And leave some time where you and your family just stay at your resort accommodations instead of going somewhere. Sit and enjoy some cocoa while you savor the snowy views out your resort window and spend some time talking, playing games or enjoying a nice family meal together.

Wear Layers – It’s cold out there!

family ski vacations to mont tremblant

Mother-daughter love! Mont Tremblant Family ski vacations that create memories for everyone!

When you layer your clothing on and off the slopes, you can ensure you’re ready for everything. Keep your warmer layers on when you’re chilly from the cold air and snow of Mont Tremblant, but be ready to remove some layers after you get your blood pumping from going up and down the slopes or when you go in front of the fireplace at your chalet after an eventful day. This way, you’ll be best prepared to feel comfortable throughout the day, no matter what the weather throws at you and which activities you engage in. Luckily, it’s easy to find ski layers that are stylish too!

Rent Your Equipment

It’s a smart idea to rent ski equipment, even if you’ve been skiing for years. The main reason is that ski shops generally have the best, newest equipment you can find, so you’ll get a top-notch experience. Let the professionals at the ski shop help you find the right equipment to fit your body and level of experience, so you’re sure to get the right fit. And if your boots feel too tight or the weather conditions change, it’s easy to switch out your equipment during the day when you rent it – if you bring your own, you’re stuck with what you have. An added perk is that by renting, you don’t have to lug all your equipment during your travels and to and from the slopes from your accommodations.

Get Some Assistance

Girls carrying ski equipment at Mont-Tremblant.

Why carry your gear around? Stay slopeside with a ski in/ski out rental!

You don’t have to plan everything about your vacation to Mont-Tremblant by yourself. We have concierge services for our resort accommodations guests who can help you with specialized planning for the area and our resort. Our concierge can help you with:

  • equipment rentals
  • outdoor winter or summer activities
  • dining
  • child care
  • many other amenities that could improve your stay

Don’t hesitate to ask for help!

Plan to Get Lessons

If you’ve never skied before or could use some improving, plan to go through ski lessons. Make sure to get them for anyone in your party who is not experienced at skiing instead of having you or other people show them the ropes. By taking lessons, inexperienced skiers can learn the basics and gain confidence before trying to keep up with seasoned members of your group. It’s a good idea to stick with lessons until you feel completely ready to go out on your own, even if others think you’re ready and pressure you to join them. Only you know when you’re really ready!