après ski at mont tremblant

The Après-Ski night lift at Mont Tremblant cannot be beat.

There’s nothing more exhilarating than gliding down the slopes of the Laurentian Mountains, gliding past the beautiful vistas of the lakes and snowy ski towns below. Likely, you planned a getaway to Mont Tremblant in order to experience these majestic hills and enjoy some of the finest skiing in Canada. However, your holiday can be so much more than that! There’s options for everyone — those who like to drink and chill with their friends, and those who want to party late into the night at the hottest night clubs! There’s even family-friendly night life activities that everyone can enjoy with the kids! Après Ski at Mont Tremblant is something not to be missed.

Snowshoe and Fondue Tour

mont tremblant snowshoe and dining

The Mont Tremblant Snowshoe and Fondue Tour is an adventurous dining excursion!

Perhaps after a day of fresh air on the slopes you’re still not ready to turn in for the night. The snow continues to call your name, and you simply cannot get enough of the mountainside. Never fear, there’s an après ski option available that is just perfect for you. The Snowshoe and Fondue Tour is an adventurous dining excursion that allows you to snowshoe from the summit to a cozy shelter where you will enjoy a fondue meal. Imagine leisurely dipping your fondue while you sit next to a warm, relaxing fire inside a quaint log cabin. When you have finished your delicious meal, you complete your snowshoe adventure in the moonlight. Headlamps and guiding services are included as part of this tour, so you’ll be safe and sound the entire way.

Microbrasserie La Diable

mont tremblant le diable

If you’re looking for a low-key night out while you are visiting Mont Tremblant, then make a stop at the Microbrasserie La Diable.

It’s possible that the only thing that will satiate you after skiing is a hearty craft beer and a filling meal with your favorite friends on the trip. This restaurant specializes in its craft beer selection, all of which are made on-site. The Diable, of course, is the most popular ale at the brewery, but many skiers often take delight in sipping on a Blizzard beer, which is a Belgian ale available at this restaurant. The indoor seating area allows you to feel right at home, as you sit on wood tables and chat with your friends while admiring the brewery equipment that is located inside.

Sliding Evenings

mont-tremblant tubing and night sliding

Only available from mid-December until mid-March, this unique night tubing opportunity is special to those who travel to Mont Tremblant during the winter ski season.

Sliding evenings are one of the most popular family-friendly night-time attractions in Mont Tremblant. Families of all shapes and sizes can enjoy mountainside tubing at the base of the mountain, all under the light of moon. You’ll delight in seeing your children smiling and laughing as they glide along the snow in a large tube. The best part is, if you are staying on-location at the resort, this activity is completely free! Now that’s something any family can celebrate.

Cafe d’Epoque Night Club

mont tremblant cafe d'epoque

Mont Tremblant Cafe d’Epoque nightlife! This is your chance to shine in the night, and you’ll have the time of your life at this night club.

Truly, the best way to experience the night life in Mont Tremblant is to head to the hottest night club in the city. Ditch your ski suits and put away your poles for the night, and get dressed in your finest cocktail attire. This is a multi-level bar that provides each party-goer with a unique and captivating experience. There’s dancing cages and dancing on the bar. Forget all your worries as you party like it’s never going to go out of style. Looking to live on the edge? Order one of their exotic flaming cocktails and request the song of the moment. At Cafe d’Epoque, you get to be whoever you want to be for the night.

There’s so much to do in Mont Tremblant once the sun sets and the slopes close for the night. When you aren’t riding the lift to your next challenging hill, you can focus on having fun, relaxing and making memories that will last for long after you leave this amazing ski resort community. Find out more information about the different activities that will be planned for your trip! We’ll keep you posted on the latest events that are happening in Mont Tremblant and throughout the community.

Casino de Mont-Tremblant

mont tremblant casino

The Casino at Mont Tremblant Resort!

If you’re feeling lucky on your ski trip, then a visit to the Casino de Mont-Tremblant is certainly in order. This elegant casino is located in the heart of the community, featuring a natural looking style that allows it to complement the elements around it. Whether you want to sip on drinks at the bars and restaurants in the casino while people watching, or you want to see if you can hit the jackpot while your are on vacation, you’ll find everything you need for a fantastic night out in this one incredible location. Many people begin their evening at the casino with a romantic dinner at Altitude Restaurant. This restaurant features unparalleled views of the Laurentian Mountains, while also offering a fine seafood menu filled with fresh entrees. You never know what you might find at the casino, as there are many live events and concerts scheduled there throughout the year.