Ski in/ski out vacations are the best way to make sure you get the most from the slopes. While other resort properties promise to give you the ultimate ski vacation experience, ski in/ski out properties deliver over and above expectations for a number of reasons. With an abundance of clear-cut advantages and virtually no disadvantages, choosing a property that allows you to ski in/ski out will have you wondering why you didn’t do it sooner. As if having access to amazing, breathtaking views of the Laurentian Mountains are not enough, choosing a ski in/ski out property at a Mont Tremblant resort offers you the following exclusive benefits that you simply cannot find with other types of skiing properties.

You Will be First in Line at the Lift and on the Slopes!

Mont Tremblant gondola! Get up the mountain quickly.

Gondola ride anyone? Stay in a ski in/ski out vacation rental and beat people to first tracks!

Renting a ski in/ski out property at a Mont Tremblant resort means that you have instant access to the freshly fallen snow. Due to your close proximity to the lifts as well as the snow, you will probably be the first to hit the slopes each morning. Skiing on fresh snow is an experience that is not to be missed — fresh powder lends an entirely new dimension to your skill set.

Nix the Walk to the Lifts and Just Start Skiing From Your Front Door

You simply cannot beat the convenience of choosing an ski in/ski out resort property. When you are ready to go skiing, walk from the room where you are ensconced to the room or area where your skis await your return, and push off. You will be able to save a great deal of your energy for the slopes, so you can take advantage of your favorite hobby for a much longer time. In addition, you will save a great deal of time that you might otherwise spend walking from your rental property to the lifts.

Carrying Your Equipment Becomes a Thing of the Past

Girls carrying ski equipment at Mont-Tremblant.

Why carry your gear around? Stay slopeside with a ski in/ski out rental!

The convenience factor of staying in a ski in/ski out property in a Mont Tremblant resort is likely the number one reason why people choose this type of rental in the first place. When the urge to go skiing strikes you, you will be able to do so without the complication of having to carry your equipment to the lifts. All you need to do is step onto your skis, click your bindings over and push off toward the lifts. After a lengthy — yet fun — day of skiing down your favorite slopes, a hot toddy and a prime seat by the fireplace probably sounds great. Because you do not need to lug your skis and other snow gear back to your rental home, you can go from gliding down the slopes to your favorite fireside chair within a short period of time.

A Prime Location Increases Your Fun Quotient

Because ski in/ski out properties are typically built right on the slopes, you will not need to drive from your room to a lift. All you need to do is to walk out your door and head over to the ski lift to take advantage of some of the best skiing in the Canadian wilderness.

Increase the Time You Have to Ski

A common theme that runs through all the advantages of renting a ski in/ski out property is the fact that they make you life easier. Because you do not need to schlep your ski equipment around before finding the right lift and your rental property is located close to the slopes, you can count on having an increase in the time you have available to ski, right from your back yard (or front door!). After all, there are few skiing enthusiasts who would turn down the chance to spend more time out on the slopes.

Now that you know the many benefits of choosing a ski in/ski out property in Mont Tremblant, how do you go about finding those particular rental homes or condos? The top three options at the resort we suggest looking into — in no particular order:

Vacation Rentals at Mont Tremblant Resort – Ski In/Ski Out

  • Les Haut Bois Condos

Nestled among the upper slopes of the Laurentian Mountains, Les Haut Bois condominiums offer you attractive amenities that you can take advantage of in your downtime, such as a summer pool and indoor parking. With huge expanses of windows from which to enjoy the view in every condo, Les Haut Bois emphasizes the peacefulness and greenery of nature that surround this property. Its tastefully appointed interiors and floor plans allow up to nine people to relax in understated comfort.

  • Equinoxe Condominiums

In addition to wide panoramic views of the Laurentian Mountains that Mont Tremblant is famous for, Equinoxe also boasts some of the most visually-pleasing architectural buildings in the city. With an exterior reminiscent of a castle, indoor parking and a free resort shuttle, a condo at Equinoxe is the epitome of luxury. With cozy fireplaces, balconies that offer stunningly-beautiful views and options for sleeping up to ten guests, Equinoxe condos are highly sought after by those who demand a ski in/ski out property. A hot tub, infinity pool, indoor parking and air conditioning are just a few of the most popular amenities that are found within this property.

  • Altitude Condominiums

A charming mountain hideaway that packs a huge punch when it comes to ski in/ski out properties, The Altitude condos are a Laurentian Mountain property that is in high demand by discerning vacationers. When you are not out on the slopes tackling your favorite ski run, you can enjoy the amazing views of the lake, village and mountain that are found below. These views are best enjoyed from within the outdoor hot tubs that allow you to relax and unwind while soothing those muscles after an enjoyable day on the slopes. Terraced decks provide the perfect place to have a nightcap as you drink in the sparkling and twinkling lights of the city nestled far below you.