Whether you’re looking for a private winter or summer retreat for your next vacation, the chalets at Mont Tremblant have a lot to offer. These chalets give you an opportunity to enjoy this beautiful area of Mont Tremblant away from the crowds while still having convenient access and proximity to everything the resort offers. If you’re considering renting a chalet for your family or group vacation, here’s what you need to know to help you make informed decisions and find and secure the perfect residence for your trip.

The location of your chalet is just as important!

Let’s start with the most important part of real estate: location. There are several options that are close to the action while still being isolated when visiting Mont Tremblant. Villa Oasis, for example, is just two minutes from the shops, restaurants, and ski trails.

Le St-Bernard is a beautiful mountain property with great views, located next to an oasis of peace and nature making it ideal for both summer and winter vacationing.

The Panache townhomes are another area that’s just a short walk away from the slopes. If you’re looking for something a bit more off the beaten path, there are options townhome options, such as the Le Boises condos and townhomes are unique mountain community rentals with impressive townhomes in traditional country style design.

Size of your rental

The next consideration is the size of your family or group and how many rooms you will need. Of course, you’ll also want to consider the sizes of the various rooms, as well as the size and spaciousness of the living areas.

Chalet rentals in Mont Tremblant range from 2 to 6 bedrooms and can sleep up to 12 guests.

If you’re looking for a lot of space, consider the aforementioned Chalet Noble or Villa Oasis Mont Tremblant. Both have 5,500 square feet of space and 4.5 bathrooms. If you have a smaller family vacation coming up – we have something for you as well. You’ll probably want to consider something along the lines of a smaller family townhome rental which isn’t quite as big as a chalet or home rental, but also a slightly bigger than a condominium. They offer more space than a condo on multiple levels, so you have a little more privacy when needed.

Chalet amenities anyone can enjoy

After looking at the size of the home that is of interest to you, you’ll want to check out the amenities available for that rental. Are you going to need a high-end kitchen to prepare meals?

Perhaps you’ll want a large outside deck with BBQ to host a family gathering? Is it essential that you have a hot tub? A fireplace? What about in-home entertainment options? Fortunately, none of the chalets at Mont Tremblant are short on amenities, but some do certainly offer more than others.

If you’re going to be doing a lot of home cooking, several Mont Tremblant chalets offer high-end gourmet kitchens, including Villa Oasis, Le St-Bernard, and Grande Forêt. As far as entertainment, 2 of these chalets also offer billiards and hot tubs, and Chalet Noble has a theater room with 12 seats as well.

Additionally, many of the chalets have semi-private pools. If you want your own private pool, though, you may want to consider the Manor Chalet, which has an indoor pool for summer and winter, or the Villa Oasis for summer, which has a beautiful outdoor pool. Along with those key amenities, think about if any of the amenities listed below are things you need to have in and around your chalet rental before making your decision:

  • Wrap-around decks
  • Wood-burning fireplace
  • Large parking space
  • BBQ
  • Fire pit
  • Cathedral ceiling in living area
  • Big dining room to host gatherings
  • Balcony and views
  • Available housekeeping
  • Heated floors

Price can and will be a factor…

How much you can afford for your vacation will obviously play a large role in what chalet you choose as well. The larger luxury chalets are going to run close to or over $1,000+ per night. The more moderately sized chalets are closer to $750 per night, while the smaller chalet homes start around $500 per night.

You definitely don’t want to spend all of your budget on the rental and not have much left for food, entertainment and shopping at the resort, so add these other requirements in when working to figure your travel budget and help  which rental to choose. And remember to look for packages and special deals, as these can lower the overall price significantly.

What should you know when booking your chalet rental?

When looking for Mont Tremblant chalets for your next vacation, you’ll certainly want to consider all the factors above. Decide which ones are more of a priority and you can then narrow your search from there. Chalet rentals are becoming an increasingly popular vacation option for travellers, so make sure to book your rental as far in advance as possible to get the best options.

Also, be sure to book a residence that has a reputable property manager with years of experience to avoid being taken advantage of or ending up with a vacation that doesn’t meet your expectations.

Follow these tips and guidelines for renting a chalet and you’ll have an amazing experience with your family or group at Mont Tremblant!