Something magical happens during the autumn months in the Laurentian Mountains at Mont Tremblant.

The air becomes crisp, combining the warmth of the summer gone by with the promise of the winter to come.

The mountainside lights up in shades of crimson, gold and burnt orange, and the reflection on Lake Tremblant is more beautiful than any painting ever created. This fleeting season is one of the most amazing times of the year to visit Mont Tremblant, and beyond the natural wonders that surround you, you’ll find that there’s plenty to see and do!

Here’s what you can expect during September, October and November this year!

Now is the best time to book if you want to enjoy unparalleled access to these events while also finding the right accommodations that offer the perfect glimpse of the autumn vistas.

September Events in Mont Tremblant

The most well-known event in Mont Tremblant during the month of September is the Tremblant Gourmand festival. 2016’s Tremblant Gourmand will take place from September 10 through September 18. Described as an event designed specifically for “active epicureans,” this unique festival combines culinary delights and inspiring flavors with the adventure of the great outdoors.

Throughout the course of the 9-day experience, visitors can enjoy mountain gourmet hikes, performances by celebrity guest chefs, food discovery opportunities, tastings by event sponsors, and mixology courses as well as demonstrations.

Tremblant Gourmand takes place in the heart of the pedestrian village, so many travellers prefer to stay in luxury condominiums and vacation homes that are within walking distance of the village. 

Things to Do in October

October may be synonymous with pumpkins, scarecrows and ripened apples, but in Mont Tremblant it marks the moment when you can truly get excited about the upcoming ski season. Many of the events and festivals in October center around the upcoming snow and the magnificent adventures that people will enjoy throughout the entire winter.

The first event in October to keep in mind is the arrival of the Toronto Ski and Snowboard Show booth. The booth will be open from October 13 through October 16. It’s the first of the ski and snowboard shows that visit Mont Tremblant each fall, and it’s designed to provide ski enthusiasts with all of the information that they need to know for the upcoming season.

At the Toronto Ski and Snowboard Show, visitors can score great deals on new equipment, get insider information about the latest and greatest products, and also learn tips from the experts that will allow them to plan an amazing ski trip this winter.

Not long after the Toronto Ski and Snowboard show leaves town, the Ottawa Ski, Snowboard and Travel Show booth will arrive. This event takes place from October 22-October 23. Visitors to this particular show booth will enjoy exclusive offers for ski getaways that can’t be found anywhere else, and will get all of the help they need planning the trip of a lifetime for the upcoming ski season.

While many of the Mont Tremblant visitors and guests are gearing up for the powder that is sure to come, others are still focused on hitting the trails before the freezing temperatures arrive. The La Classique Salomon is the premier trail running event that is held in Mont Tremblant during October.

This year’s event is scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m. on October 22. It’s an event for runners of all ages and skill levels, and is accessible to everyone. There’s a special 1-kilometer race that is designed for runners ages 12 and under, and the adults can enjoy a 5-kilometer or 10-kilometer race. Beginning at the Place Saint-Bernard, every race will take runners through the incredible scenery that can be found on the trails along the Laurentian Mountains.

Activities and Festivities in November

During the month of November, the autumn season takes its last gasp of fresh air before the icy chill of winter arrives.

Visitors to Mont Tremblant during this time often prefer to stay in accommodations such as vacation homes, townhomes and condos, that give them instant access to the trails and the ski slopes, while also not being far from the pedestrian village where they can enjoy dining, entertainment and shopping.

The final ski and snowboard show booth arrives during this month. The Boston Ski and Snowboard Show takes place from November 10  through November 13.

The booth at Mont Tremblant will be open for four days, giving travelers all of the information that they need to know before the first snow falls. Similar to the other ski and snowboard shows, the Boston event will showcase the latest products available while also giving visitors the information they need about exclusive deals for upcoming ski trips.

This is the best way to gather insider information about the ski season, which will begin in earnest just a few weeks after this ski and snowboard show.

Whether your idea of dream fall getaway to Mont Tremblant is to spend your days hiking through the trails before the snow arrives for the season, or you would rather delight in the sights and sounds of the season’s entertainment, you’re sure to have a memorable trip. Contact us today in order to find the perfect accommodations for your September, October or November vacation. It’s the best time to book for the fall!